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From the National weekly Podcast – Don’t Be That Girl, comes the first in a 5 part series of E-Books from Relationship Strategist- Mahoghany Moore.

"Unlocking the Path to Attracting Your Desired Partner: Navigating the Modern Dating Landscape"

In this 5 part series Mahoghany walks women through the modern day multi-dimensional complexities of dating in 21st Century with the stigma of Independent Women, Single Parenting, Beta Males, Alpha Females and the Financially accomplished Single Professional seeking her equal.

These tidbits of insights and education will empower you to make small tweaks that can lead to major changes in your love life. As a thank you for subscribing to our podcast the E-Book is complimentary so what are you waiting on. Your Person is on the other side of that Download button. Go on now..Press it and let’s get to attracting him!

What you will find in this book


A journey of personal growth and discovery, shaping memories that enrich and transform our lives.


Empower women to pursue desired partners and break free from the cycle of attracting incompatible ones.


Inspire women to find their true Prince Charming by shifting their perspective on dating and attraction.

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We empower women to date the man they desire and not the one the are attracting. Your Prince IS amongst the frogs.

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"The owner of 'Don’t Be That Girl' is a passionate advocate for empowering women in their dating lives. With deep insights and personal experiences, the book's owner shares transformative advice and guidance, helping women break free from limiting beliefs and discover their own path to lasting love. With a compassionate and empowering approach, the owner inspires readers to embrace their true desires and find fulfillment in their relationships."